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1887 as Ardwic F.C.
"The Blues" or "The Citizens"
Khaldoon Al Mubarak
Managing Director:
Garry Cook
Team Manager:
Mark Hughes
Assistant Manager:
Mark Bowen
Club Sponsor:
Thomas Cook
Club Crest:
The new City badgeThe crest looks rather like a military emblem of some sort. At the top are three stars, underneath is a golden eagle and imposed on that is the new club crest. The ship is still there, underneath that is MCFC and then three diagonal strikes (like the round badge in the early 70's?). At the bottom of the whole thing is a bit of latin, Superbia In Proelio which means Pride In Battle. Here is the official note on the reson for the change.
"Manchester City Football Club would like to announce that they have commissioned a new crest to replace the round badge that has only existed since 1974. The new club crest is based on elements from the original "Arms of the City of Manchester", the crest which is still used by Manchester City PLC today and worn on the team shirt for all Wembley occasions. It retains the original shield set against an eagle taken from the Badge of the City of Manchester, dating from 1957, also originally found on the City of Manchester Crest, on the ribbon flowing from the knight's helmet. Below the shield is the new club motto "Superbia In Proelio", a Latin phrase translating to "Pride in Battle". The three stars above the eagle constitute a design element that relate a more continental feel to the design.

Manchester City see this as a progressive, forward looking move, to take the club into the next millennium. In previous years an unsatisfactory situation had developed at Manchester City regarding the licensing out of the round badge on an ad hoc basis which has lead to a number of problems with counterfeit goods. This we felt was leading to a devaluing of the Manchester City brand, and consequently its badge in both the modern market and in football.

Re-alignment of the Club's branding with the new crest, which still has much in common with the original ethos of the traditional crest, was the only way of safeguarding the Club brand on the modern market and bringing the Club up to date with its own image in an increasingly modern world. We have already made massive strides in only a very short time in addressing the commercial problems of the past. The Kippax Stand, Merchandise Department and excellent Corporate Entertainment facilities are all symptomatic of a fresh outlook at Manchester City. The launch of a new crest is seen as a continuation of our forward looking regime.
Away kit 08/09Home kit 08/09Club Home Kit:
For the second time Sprts manufacturer "Le Coq Sportif" took over the kit manufacturing at the start of the 2007/08 season. It marked the release of a series of kit designs. 6 sets of shirts were shipped in the next two seasons, including two sky-blue home kits, the latest having a white band on the left shoulder going round the arm. On the chest you have the LCS logo located high up to the right and the Eagle Crest centered on the chest. The sponsors name (Thomas Cook.com) is written across the chest with black letters. The shorts are white with a broad sky blue stripes on the right side. LCS is written on the left leg with the Eagle crest on the right. The socks are all sky blue.
Club away Kit
A series of away kits have been released lately with an all purple design and a continental white strip with a broad sky blue band on the left shoulder in the 07/08 season. Before the 08/09 season it was a return to the black and red striped shirts and a traditional V-neck. LCS and the Eagle Crest is on the chest (right and left) in yellow, and club sponsor name "Thomas Cook.com" is written in white positioned like on the home kit. The shorts are black with a thin white stripe on the right leg. There is also an orange third kit which must be an unprecedented first time for the blues.
Manchester City Football Club
City of Manchester Stadium
Sport City
Manchester M11 3FF
Directions to Stadium:
Main Swichboard: 0161 231 3200
Facsimile: 0161 438 7999
Ticket Office Telephone Number:
Customer Services: 0161 231 2500
Ticket Line: 0161 828 1200
City Stores:
Online: http://ssl.mcfc.co.uk/mcfc/
Sport City (By the Stadium): 0161 828 1201
Ground Capacity:
48,000 (all-seater)
Current Ticket Information:
Membership card required to buy tickets. Tickets available up to kick off (membership is not available on match day).

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