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This FAQ covers the 1995/96 season.


[ 1   ] Results
[ 1.1 ] What were City's results for 1995/96?
[ 1.2 ] What were City's pre-season results?
[ 1.3 ] What were City's reserve team results for 1995/96?

[ 2.  ] Manchester City First Team Squad
[ 2.1 ] Who was in the first team squad and what were their numbers?
[ 2.2 ] Who played and scored goals for City in 1995/96?
[ 2.3 ] Which players did City buy after the 1994/95 season?
[ 2.4 ] Which players did City sell after the 1994/95 season?
[ 2.5 ] Who was loaned to City after the 1994/95 season?
[ 2.6 ] Who did City loan out after the 1994/95 season?
[ 2.7 ] Who were City's key players?
[ 2.8 ] Who were City's players to watch in 1995/96?

[ 3.  ] Basic Details
[ 3.1 ] What is the club's full name?
[ 3.2 ] What are the club's nicknames?
[ 3.3 ] When was the club formed?
[ 3.4 ] Who is City's chairman?
[ 3.5 ] Who is City's managing director?
[ 3.6 ] Who are City's other directors?
[ 3.7 ] Who is City's team manager?
[ 3.8 ] Who is City's assistant team manager?
[ 3.9 ] Who is City's chief scout?
[ 3.10] Who is City's first team coach?
[ 3.11] Who is City's reserve team coach?
[ 3.12] Who is City's youth team coach?
[ 3.13] Who are the other major staff members?
[ 3.14] Who are the club's major sponsors?
[ 3.15] What does the club's crest look like?
[ 3.16] What do City's kits look like?
[ 3.17] What is the club's address?
[ 3.18] What are the club's telephone numbers?
[ 3.19] What is the capacity of Maine Road?
[ 3.20] Will I need a membership card to buy a ticket?
[ 3.21] How much do tickets cost?

[ 4.  ] Fanzine Information
[ 4.1 ] What City fanzines are currently available?
[ 4.2 ] Which City fanzines are no longer available?

[ 5.  ] Internet Information
[ 5.1 ] What is the Manchester City Mailing List and how do I join it?
[ 5.2 ] Where are City on the World Wide Web?

[ 6.  ] Club Honours
[ 6.1 ] When have City won the English League Championship?
[ 6.2 ] When have City won the English Second Division Championship?
[ 6.3 ] When have City won the F.A. Cup?
[ 6.4 ] When have City won the F.A. Charity Shield?
[ 6.5 ] When have City won the Football League Cup?
[ 6.6 ] What European Trophy have City won?
[ 6.7 ] When have City won the F.A. Youth Cup?
[ 6.8 ] What is City's biggest League win?
[ 6.9 ] What is City's heaviest defeat?
[ 6.10] Who is City's record goal-scorer?
[ 6.11] Who is City's record signing?
[ 6.12] Who is City's record sale?

[ 7.  ] Recent History
[ 7.1 ] What has happened to the club in the last decade or so?
[ 7.2 ] What happened last season?
[ 7.3 ] What were City fans' expectations for the 1995/96 season?
[ 7.4 ] How did the season live upto these expectations?


[ 1. ] RESULTS

[ 1.1 ] What were City's results for 1995/96?

August 1995

Sat 19th Tottenham Hotspur   H D 1-1 (0-1) 51' Rösler                     30,827
Wed 23rd Coventry City       A L 2-1 (1-0) 82' Rösler                     15,597
Sat 26th Queens Park Rangers A L 1-0 (1-0)                                14,212
Wed 30th Everton             H L 0-2 (0-0)                                28,432

September 1995

Sun 10th Arsenal             H L 0-1 (0-0)                                23,994
Sat 16th Newcastle United    A L 3-1 (2-0) 82' Creaney                    36,501
Tue 19th Wycombe W. (CCC2-1) A D 0-0 (0-0)                                 7,443
Sat 23rd Middlesbrough       H L 0-1 (0-1)                                25,865
Sat 30th Nottingham Forest   A L 3-0 (1-0)                                25,620

October 1995

Wed  4th Wycombe W. (CCC2-2) H W 4-0 (2-0) 31' Rösler 33' Rösler          11,474
                                           66' Quinn 63' Curle (pen)
Sat 14th Manchester United   A L 1-0 (1-0)                                35,707
Sat 21st Leeds United        H D 0-0 (0-0)                                26,390
Wed 25th Liverpool (CCC3)    A L 4-0 (1-0)                                29,394
Sat 28th Liverpool           A L 6-0 (2-0)                                39,267

November 1995

Sat  4th Bolton Wanderers    H W 1-0 (1-0) 11' Summerbee                  28,397
Sat 18th Sheffield Wednesday A D 1-1 (1-0) 55' Lomas                      24,422
Wed 22nd Wimbledon           H W 1-0 (0-0) 90' Quinn                      23,617
Sat 25th Aston Villa         H W 1-0 (0-0) 85' Kinkladze                  28,027

December 1995

Sat  2nd Leeds United        A W 0-1 (0-0) 60' Creaney                    33,249
Sat  9th Middlesbrough       A L 4-1 (1-1) 16' Kinkladze                  29,469
Mon 18th Nottingham Forest   H D 1-1 (1-0) 16' Rösler                     25,660
Sat 23rd Chelsea             H L 0-1 (0-0)                                28.668
Tue 26th Blackburn Rovers    A L 2-0 (1-0)                                28,915
Sat 30th Southampton         A   P-P       (frozen pitch)

January 1996

Mon  1st West Ham United     H W 2-1 (1-0) 21' Quinn 78' Quinn            26,024
Sat  6th Leicester C. (FAC3) A D 0-0 (0-0)                                20,640
Sat 13th Tottenham Hotspur   A L 1-0 (0-0)                                31,438
Wed 17th Leicester C. (FAC3) H W 5-0 (2-0) 10' Rösler 18' Kinkladze       19,980
                                           51' Quinn 54' Lomas 80' Creaney
Sat 20th Coventry City       H D 1-1 (0-0) 55' Rösler                     25,710
Sat 27th Coventry C. (FAC4)  A   P-P       (frozen pitch)
Wed 31st Southampton         A D 1-1 (0-0) 85' Rösler                     15,172

February 1996

Sat  3rd Queens Park Rangers H W 2-0 (1-0) 25' Clough 50' Symons          27,509
Wed  7th Coventry C. (FAC4)  A D 2-2 (1-1) 33' Busst o.g. 81' Flitcroft   18,709
Sat 10th Everton             A L 2-0 (1-0)                                37,354
Wed 14th Coventry C. (FAC4)  H W 2-1 (1-0) 29' Clough 46' Quinn           22,419
Sun 18th Man. United (FAC5)  A L 2-1 (1-1) 12' Rösler                     42,692
Sat 24th Newcastle United    H D 3-3 (1-1) 16' Quinn 62' Quinn 77' Rösler 31,115

March 1996

Sat  2nd Blackburn Rovers    H D 1-1 (0-0) 84' Lomas                      29,078
Tue  5th Arsenal             A L 3-1 (2-0) 53' Creaney                    34,519
Fri  8th Athlone (friendly)  A L 2-1 (1-1) 43' Flitcroft                   5,000
Tue 12th Chelsea             A D 1-1 (1-1) 42' Clough                     17,078
Sat 16th Southampton         H W 2-1 (2-0) 32' Kinkladze 37' Kinkladze    29,550
Sat 23rd West Ham United     A L 4-2 (1-0) 75' Quinn 90' Quinn            24,017
Sat 30th Bolton Wanderers    A D 1-1 (0-1)  2' Quinn                      21,050

April 1996

Sat  6th Manchester United   H L 2-3 (1-2) 39' Kavelashvili 71' Rösler    29,688
Mon  8th Wimbledon           A L 3-0 (1-0)                                11,844
Sat 13th Sheffield Wednesday H W 1-0 (0-0) 65' Rösler                     30,898
Sat 27th Aston Villa         A W 0-1 (0-0) 70' Lomas                      39,336

May 1996

Sun  5th Liverpool           H D 2-2 (0-2) 71' Rösler (pen) 78' Symons    31,436


Team                Played   Won Drawn Lost  For  Against   Points
Manchester United     38     25    7    6     73    35        82
Newcastle United      38     24    6    8     66    37        78
Liverpool             38     20   11    7     70    34        71
Aston Villa           38     18    9   11     52    35        63
Arsenal               38     17   12    9     49    32        63
Everton               38     17   10   11     64    44        61
Blackburn Rovers      38     18    7   13     61    47        61
Tottenham Hotspur     38     16   13    9     50    38        61
Nottingham Forest     38     15   13   10     50    54        58
West Ham United       38     14    9   15     43    52        51
Chelsea               38     12   14   12     46    44        50
Middlesbrough         38     11   10   17     35    50        43
Leeds United          38     12    7   19     40    57        43
Wimbledon             38     10   11   17     55    70        41
Sheffield Wednesday   38     10   10   18     48    61        40
Coventry City         38      8   14   16     42    60        38
Southampton           38      9   11   18     34    52        38
Manchester City       38      9   11   18     33    58        38
Queens Park Rangers   38      9    6   23     38    57        33
Bolton Wanderers      38      8    5   25     39    71        29

[ 1.2 ] What were City's pre-season results?

July 1995

Mon 24th Galway United       A W 0-3 (0-1) 13' Walsh 50' Simpson 65' Quinn
Wed 26th Cork City           A W 0-2 (0-1) 37' Quinn 50' Griffiths
Mon 31st Stockport County    A W 0-1 (0-1) 20' Quinn

August 1995

Wed  2nd Wolves              A L 2-1 (1-1) 45' Walsh
Sat  5th Burnley             A L 2-1 (0-0) 85' Griffiths
Thu 10th Raith Rovers        A D 2-2 (0-0) 70' Flitcroft 72' Simpson
Sat 12th Heart of Midlothian A L 5-1 (3-1) 21' Summerbee

[ 1.3 ] What were City's reserve team results for 1995/96?

Pontin's League 2nd Division

August 1995

Wed 16th Rotherham United    A D 0-0 (0-0)
Wed 23rd Port Vale           A D 1-1 (1-0) Vonk

September 1995

Wed  6th Barnsley            A W 0-2 (0-0) Ingram, Kelly
Wed 13th Grimsby Town        A W 0-2 (0-0) Summerbee, Lomas
Thu 21st Hull City           A W 0-1 (0-1) Greenacre
Tue 26th Coventry City       H W 0-2 (0-1) Beagrie, Quinn

October 1995

Wed  4th Middlesbrough       A L 1-0 (0-0)
Tue 10th Leicester City      H W 2-1 (1-0) Vonk (pen), Summerbee
Tue 17th Bradford City       A L 3-0 (0-0)
Tue 24th Mansfield Town      H D 0-0 (0-0)

November 1995

Wed  8th Burnley             A D 2-2 (2-1) Greenacre, Vonk
Tue 14th Preston North End   H L 1-2 (1-2) Beagrie (pen)
Tue 21st Sunderland          A L 5-2 (1-1) Phillips, Kelly
Tue 28th York City           H D 0-0 (0-0)

December 1995

Tue  5th Hull City           H D 0-0 (0-0)
Tue 12th Coventry City       A L 4-0 (0-0)

January 1996

Tue  2nd Blackpool           H L 0-1 (0-0)
Wed 24th Rotherham United    H W 5-1 (0-0) Kelly 2, Whitley, Creaney, Phillips
Tue 30th Barnsley            H W 1-0 (0-0) Thomas

February 1996

Wed 21st Preston North End   A D 0-0 (0-0)

March 1996

Mon  4th Huddersfield Town   H L 0-1 (0-1)
Wed  6th Burnley             H D 1-1 (0-0) Greenacre
Wed 13th Blackpool           A L 4-0 (3-0)
Thu 21st Aston Villa         A W 0-2       Creaney, Quinn
Tue 26th Middlesbrough       H W 2-1 (0-1) Creaney (pen), Kelly
Thu 28th Bradford City       H D 1-1 (0-1) Kerr

April 1996

Mon  1st Aston Villa         H D 2-2 (1-2) Kerr 2
Wed  3rd Sunderland          H W 1-0 (1-0) Kelly
Wed 10th Leicester City      A L 3-0 (0-0)
Wed 17th Huddersfield Town   A D 0-0 (0-0)
Mon 22nd Port Vale           H W 2-1 (1-1) Greenacre 2
Thu 25th Grimsby Town        H W 2-0 (2-0) Kelly, Greenacre

May 1996

Wed  1st York City           A L 3-0
Wed  8th Mansfield Town      A W 1-6 (1-3) Mazzarelli, McClinchey, Bentley, Kelly 3


[ 2.1 ] Who was in the first team squad and what were their numbers?

 2. Richard Edghill       (Former England U21 international defender)
 3. Michael Frontzeck     (Balding former German international left back)
 4. Steve Lomas           (Northern Ireland international midfielder)
 5. Keith Curle           (Former England international centre half)
 6. Giuseppe Mazzarelli   (Former Swiss U21 international midfielder)
 7. Georgiou Kinkladze    (Immensely talented Georgian international midfielder)
 8. Gerry Creaney         (Scotland 'B' international striker)
 9. Niall Quinn           (Very tall Irish international striker)
11. Peter Beagrie         (Winger with a nice line in celebrations)
12. Ian Brightwell        (Utility player, son of Olympic medallists Robbie Brightwell and Ann Packer)
13. Martyn Margetson      (Former Welsh U21 international goalkeeper)
14. Kit Symons            (Very reliable Welsh international central defender)
15. Alan Kernaghan        (Irish international stopper)
16. Nicky Summerbee       (Right back/winger, son of Mike)
17. Michael Brown         (Tenacious young midfielder)
18. Nigel Clough          (Intelligent former England international striker, son of Brian)
19. Martin Phillips       (Skilful young winger)
20. Lee Crooks            (Youth team midfielder on verge of first team)
21. Eike Immel            (Former German international goalkeeper)
23. David Kerr            (Striker, has been known to play at right-back)
24. Scott Hiley           (Attack-minded full back, can play either side)
25. Andy Dibble           (Goalkeeper, sometimes brilliant, sometimes comical)
26. Scott Thomas          (Winger, 1994/95 Young Player of the Year)
27. Rae Ingram            (Defender, City's 1993-94 Young Player of the Year)
28. Uwe Rösler            (Popular German striker, 1994/95 Player of the Year)
29. John Foster           (Defender, central or right-back)
30. Chris Beech           (Youngster)
31. Aled Rowlands         (Quick young winger)
32. Mikhail Kavelashvili  (Georgian international striker, quick and deadly)

A squad picture is also available on the City Supporters' WWW server.

[ 2.2 ] Who played and scored goals for City in 1995/96?

                          League        F.A.Cup     League Cup      Total
                        Apps  Goals   Apps  Goals   Apps  Goals   Apps  Goals
Peter Beagrie            4(1)    -     -       -     2       -     6(1)    -
Chris Beech              -       -     -       -     -       -     -       -
Michael Brown           16(5)    -     5       -     -(2)    -    21(7)    -
Ian Brightwell          26(3)    -     2       -     3       -    31(3)    -
Nigel Clough            15       2     3       1     -       -    18       3
Gerry Creaney            6(9)    3     -(3)    1     -       -     6(12)   4
Lee Crooks               -       -     -       -     -       -     -       -
Keith Curle             32       -     5       -     3       1    40       1
Richard Edghill         13       -     -       -     3       -    16       -
Ronnie Ekelund           2(2)    -     1(1)    -     -       -     3(3)    -
Garry Flitcroft         25       -     4       1     1       -    30       1
John Foster              4       -     -       -     1       -     5       -
Michael Frontzeck       11(1)    -     1       -     -       -    12(1)    -
Scott Hiley              2(4)    -     -       -     -       -     2(4)    -
Eike Immel              38       -     5       -     3       -    46       -
Rae Ingram               5       -     1       -     -       -     6       -
Mikhail Kavelashvili     3(1)    1     -       -     -       -     3(1)    1
Georgiou Kinkladze      37       4     4       1     3       -    44       5
Alan Kernaghan           4(2)    -     -       -     -       -     4(2)    -
David Kerr               -(1)    -     -       -     -       -     -(1)    -
Steve Lomas             32(1)    3     5       1     3       -    40(1)    4
Martyn Margetson         -       -     -       -     -(1)    -     -(1)    -
Giuseppe Mazzarelli      -(2)    -     -       -     -       -     -(2)    -
Terry Phelan             9       -     -       -     1       -    10       -
Martin Phillips          2(9)    -     -       -     -       -     2(9)    -
Niall Quinn             24(8)    8     4       2     3       1    31(8)   11
Uwe Rösler              34(2)    9     5       2     3       2    42(2)   13
Aled Rowlands            -       -     -       -     -       -     -       -
Nicky Summerbee         33(4)    1     5       -     1(2)    -    39(6)    1
Kit Symons              38       2     5       -     3       -    46       2
Scott Thomas             -       -     -       -     -       -     -       -
Paul Walsh               3       -     -       -     -       -     3       -

Own goals:

  • David Busst (Coventry City), F.A. Cup 4th Round, Highfield Road, 7th February 1996

[ 2.3 ] Which players did City buy after the 1994/95 season?

  • David Gardner, free transfer from Manchester United.
  • Georgiou Kinkladze, 2,000,000 from Dynamo Tbilisi.
  • Kit Symons, 1,800,000 from Portsmouth, comprising 900,000 cash plus Fitzroy Simpson and Carl Griffiths.
  • Eike Immel, 400,000 from VfB Stuttgart.
  • Gerry Creaney, 400,000 plus Paul Walsh to Portsmouth, with further payments depending on appearances.
  • Martin Phillips, undisclosed fee thought to be around 500,000 from Exeter City.
  • Nigel Clough, 1,500,000 from Liverpool.
  • Michael Frontzeck, 350,000 from Borussia Mönchengladbach.
  • Giuseppe Mazzarelli, from F.C. Zürich for an undisclosed fee.
  • Mikhail Kavelashvili, 1,400,000 from Spartak Vladikavkaz.
  • Scott Hiley, 250,000 from Birmingham City. The fee could rise to as much as 500,000 depending on appearances.

[ 2.4 ] Which players did City sell after the 1994/95 season?

  • Steve Finney, free transfer to Swindon Town.
  • Mike Quigley, free transfer to Hull City.
  • John Burridge, free transfer to Notts County.
  • Adie Mike, 60,000 plus 25% of any sell-on fee to Stockport County.
  • Fitzroy Simpson, to Portsmouth in the deal to bring Kit Symons to City.
  • Carl Griffiths, to Portsmouth in the same deal.
  • Andy Hill, 150,000 to Port Vale.
  • Paul Walsh, 500,000 to Portsmouth in the deal to bring Gerry Creaney to City.
  • Terry Phelan, 750,000 to Chelsea.
  • Michel Vonk, 350,000 to Sheffield United.
  • David Brightwell, 30,000 to Bradford City.
  • Tony Coton, 500,000 to Manchester United.
  • Garry Flitcroft, 3,200,000 to Blackburn Rovers, a club record fee.
  • Kåre Ingebrigtsen, free transfer to Rosenborg (Norway).
  • Paul Lake retired due to the knee injury he picked up in Sepetember 1990.
  • City received a sell-on fee of around 700,000 when Gerry Taggart moved from Barnsley to Bolton Wanderers.
  • City received a sell-on fee of around 200,000 when Chris Coleman moved from Crystal Palace to Blackburn Rovers.

[ 2.5 ] Who was loaned to City after the 1994/95 season?

  • Ronnie Ekelund (Danish international attacking midfielder), from Barcelona.
  • Eduardo Abazaj (Albanian defender with a Portuguese passport), from Benfica.
  • Scott Hiley (full back), from Birmingham City.

[ 2.6 ] Who did City loan out after the 1994/95 season?

  • David Brightwell, one month to Lincoln City.
  • David Brightwell, one month to Stoke City.
  • David Brightwell, one month to Shrewsbury Town.
  • David Kerr, one month to Mansfield Town.
  • Michel Vonk, one month to Oldham Athletic.
  • John Sharpe, to Exeter City.
  • Jim Bentley, one month to Exeter City.
  • Jim Bentley, on trial with Bradford City.
  • Ged Kielty, on trial with Burnley.
  • Alan Kernaghan, one month to Bradford City.
  • Gerry Creaney, to Oldham Athletic.

[ 2.7 ] Who were City's key players?

Kit Symons (Centre Half)
Kit (Christopher) was already an established Welsh international when he joined City from first division Portsmouth just before the start of the 1995/96 season. He rapidly established a good partnership with Keith Curle and looks set to be at the heart of City's defence for many years to come. He's quick, strong, good in the air and very reliable. He also gets forward to good effect and not just at set pieces, as he's very comfortable on the ball and is capable of bringing it through midfield himself.
Georgiou Kinkladze (Midfielder)
Like Kit Symons, Georgiou also joined City just before the start of the 1995/96 season and made his début in the same game against Tottenham Hotspur. Also known as Kinky (though he prefers Gio or Georgi), he cost City 2,000,000 from his home town club, Dynamo Tblisi in Georgia. He immediately became a big hit with the City fans, his close control, passing and dribbling ability leading to comparisons with the Club's all-time greats such as Peter Doherty. Currently only 22 years of age, Georgiou could well become one of the world's best players.
Nigel Clough (Midfield/Forward)
Son of the legendary Brian Clough, Nigel started his career at Nottingham Forest and quickly earned full England international recognition. A big-money move to Liverpool followed but injury forced him out of the side and his place was taken by Robbie Fowler. After three years spent mostly in the reserves, he joined City for 1,500,000 early in 1996 and has proved to be a very good buy. He is very sharp in the penalty area and has scored some important goals for City as well as helping the younger members of the side through games with his constant advice and encouragement. He is a thoughtful player capable of sublime passes but is always willing to get in the tackles too. An invaluable member of the squad.

[ 2.8 ] Who were City's players to watch in 1995/96?

Well, who to choose? Here, at various different levels of unknown-ness, are four players I predicted great things for at the start of the 1995/96 season:

Georgiou Kinkladze (22)
Still a youngster but already a regular in the full Georgian national side, Georgiou is a skilful midfielder with a reputation for scoring spectacular goals. Signed in July 1995 from Dynamo Tblisi for 2,000,000, the fee will be a bargain if Alan Ball can harness his talents as successfully as he did with Matthew Le Tissier at Southampton.
John Foster (22)
John has come through the ranks at City as a central defender but has often found himself in the right-back spot when he has played for the first team. With only one full first team appearance to his credit before last season, he made a big impression when called into action due to an injury crisis last season and started on 10 occasions. By the end of the season he was a member of the England U21 squad and would have played in the European Championships against Latvia had he not dislocated a shoulder whilst training with the squad a couple of days before the game.
Scott Thomas (21)
A pacy and skilful right-sided midfield player, Bury-born Scott has come through the ranks at City and made two substitute appearances at the end of last season. Youth team coach Neil McNab says he's the most skilful player at the club.
Aled Rowlands (17)
At only 17, Aled could become City's youngest first-team player for nearly a decade at his current rate of progress. A lightweight but very quick left winger, he was a member of City's youth team that reached the FA Youth Cup semi-final and the Lancashire FA Youth Cup final last season, and will qualify for the youth team again in 1995/96. He's played in several of City's pre-season games and could well find himself in Alan Ball's first team plans later in the season.


[ 3.1 ] What is the club's full name?

Manchester City Football Club plc

[ 3.2 ] What are the club's nicknames?

The Blues or (less commonly) The Citizens.

[ 3.3 ] When was the club formed?

The club started out as St. Marks of West Gorton in 1880 and changed name slightly the following year to West Gorton (St. Marks); in 1884 they became simply Gorton and then in 1887, Ardwick. A financial crisis in 1894 led to the creation of Manchester City and that name has remained ever since.

[ 3.4 ] Who is City's chairman?

Francis Lee.

[ 3.5 ] Who is City's managing director?

Colin Barlow.

[ 3.6 ] Who are City's other directors?

Freddie Pye (vice chairman), Ian Niven (senior director), John Dunkerley, Tony Miles, Gerald Doyle, Brian Turnbull, Julian Greibach, David Holt, Ashley Lewis, Brian Jervis & Gary Grant.

[ 3.7 ] Who is City's team manager?

Alan Ball.

[ 3.8 ] Who is City's assistant team manager?

Asa Hartford.

[ 3.9 ] Who is City's chief scout?

Jimmy Frizzell.

[ 3.10] Who is City's first team coach?

Tony Book.

[ 3.11] Who is City's reserve team coach?

Les Chapman.

[ 3.12] Who is City's youth team coach?

Neil McNab.

[ 3.13] Who are the other major staff members?

  • Sidney Rose (life president)
  • Michael Horwich (honorary president)
  • Raymond Donn (vice president)
  • Bernard Halford (general secretary)
  • Geoff Durbin (commercial manager)
  • Michael Peek (marketing and merchandise manager)
  • Mike Summerbee (sales manager)
  • Joanne Parker (publications manager)
  • John Clay (public relations officer)
  • Terry Farrell (youth development officer)
  • Colin Bell (youth development officer)
  • Roy Bailey (physiotherapist)
  • Norman Luft (club doctor/honorary medical officer)

[ 3.14] Who are the club's major sponsors?

Brother, a Japanese electronics company making a wide variety of goods ranging from knitting machines to microwave ovens to personal computers.

[ 3.15] What does the club's crest look like?

A gold ship on a blue background above a red rose on a white background.

[ 3.16] What do City's kits look like?

Home Kit
Sky blue shirt with a white and dark blue striped collar and dark blue V-neck. Dark blue Umbro logo on left upper chest. Club crest on large sky blue badge with dark blue border on right upper chest. Brother logo in black lettering with white outline across chest. `CITY' text and club logo woven into fabric. White shorts with blue vertical hip stripes. Club badge on left front side; Umbro logo on right front side. White socks.
Away Kit
Red/black vertically striped shirt with white meshed triangular areas on either shoulder. White Umbro logo on left upper chest. Club crest on black background with white border. White Brother logo on black background across chest. Black shorts with white/red/black stripes. Club badge on front left side; white Umbro logo on right front side. Black/red/white socks.
Third Kit
White shirt with thin black vertical stripes. Navy blue shorts. White socks. City are expected to announce a new third kit soon.

[ 3.17] What is the club's address?

Manchester City F.C., Maine Road, Moss Side, Manchester M14 7WN.

[ 3.18] What are the club's telephone numbers?

  • General enquiries: 0161 224 5000
  • Facsimile: 0161 248 8449
  • Ticket Office, general enquiries: 0161 226 2224
  • Ticket Office, Dial-A-Seat: 0161 227 9229
  • Ticket Office, Ticketcall: 0891 12 15 91
  • City Supporters' Travel Club: 0161 226 5047
  • Supporters' Club Travel Line: 0891 88 18 19
  • Manchester City Social Club: 0161 226 3330
  • Manchester City Social Club (Facsimile): 0161 232 8204
  • Football in the Community: 0161 226 1782
  • Development Office: 0161 226 3143
  • Cashmaker Office: 0161 226 3237
  • Manchester City Prize Line: 0891 12 10 20
  • City Clubcall: 0891 12 11 91
  • City TEAMtalk: 0891 31 39 70 (unofficial information line)
  • Souvenir Shop: 0161 232 1111
  • Arndale Centre Souvenir Shop (120 Marsden Way): 0161 834 4609

[ 3.19] What is the capacity of Maine Road?

Maine Road's capacity is currently just under 32,000. This will increase by a couple of thousand when the corner between the Kippax and North stands ("Windy Corner") is filled in.

[ 3.20] Will I need a membership card to buy a ticket?

A membership card may be required to buy tickets, which are available up to kick off. Membership costs five pounds and cannot be obtained on the day of a game. Membership cards for the 1994/95 season are still valid for the 1995/96 season. Contact the ticket office to find out whether any particular game is restricted to members only. Apart from the `derby', games are only usually made members-only if the visiting club sells their entire allocation of tickets.

[ 3.21] How much do tickets cost?

The base prices for Premiership games are as follows:

Main Stand blocks B & C                16.00
Main Stand block G (OAPs only)          5.00
Main Stand other blocks                15.00
Kippax Upper                           14.00
Kippax Lower                           11.00
Umbro Stand                            11.00
Family Stand (adult)                    8.00
Family Stand (juniors/OAPs)             5.00
North Stand (adult)                    10.00
North Stand (juniors/OAPs)              7.00
North Stand blocks K & L (juniors/OAPs) 5.00

Prices are generally 1 higher for "A"-category games, e.g. Liverpool, Everton, Manchester United, Leeds United, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur.


[ 4.1 ] What City fanzines are currently available?

King of the Kippax
Edited by Dave & Sue Wallace of 25 Holdenbrook Court, Leigh, Greater Manchester, WN7 2HL (Tel: 01942-515739). KK is around 40 typewritten A4 pages with no advertisements and is City's best-selling fanzine. Regular features include a very substantial part of the 'zine given over to readers' letters, brief match reports of the games played since the previous edition, a look forward to forthcoming games, short stories with characters based on well-known local football figures, comment & opinion by a number of regular contributors and interviews with celebrity City fans. Sue's illustrations of away grounds are widely copied by other clubs' fanzines. Subscriptions cost 7.00 for 5 issues in the UK, 9.00 elsewhere. Please state which issue you wish the subscription to start with. Cheques payable to 'King of the Kippax'. All back issues are available, though many are reprints.
Bert Trautmann's Helmet
Formerly know as Electric Blue, this 'zine has been renamed to Bert Trautmann's Helmet following the threat of legal action from the proprietors of another publication with the same name. Edited by Noel Bayley of 217 Dumers Lane, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 2GE. The 'zine is usually 28 or 32 typeset A4 pages with no advertisements, using a small but clear font in navy blue ink. Regular features include a long-ish editorial, some amusing press cuttings relating to City or United ('Rubber News'), comment & opinion by a number of regular contributors, a feature on the fortunes of one City fan's Fantasy Football team, Pastiche Notes (a mickey-take of the Guardian's Pass Notes) and a letters page; Noel usually prints all the letters he receives. Subscriptions are available at 1.40 per issue up to the end of the current season. Small stamps, giant cheques, IMOs and Postal Orders accepted, made payable to 'N.E. Bayley'. A few back issues are available, at discounted prices.
This Charming Fan
Edited by Phillip A Gatenby, PO Box 4, Manchester M40 9AP. TCF is around 20 A5, word-processed pages which appears occasionally, although it appeared as a section of Blue Print during the 1993/94 season. The 'zine consists mainly of editorial comment and a few jokes at United's expense. The few back issues are sold out but the editor will photocopy them if you really want them for 1.00 per issue. Phillip Gatenby has also produced 'Standing Ovation - A Tribute to the Kippax', a 32-page A5 pamphlet containing reminiscences of various people of their experiences of the Kippax, plus some photographs and news clippings. This costs 1.40 including P&P.
The Fightback
This 'zine has recently been re-launched by Dante Friend. Subscriptions are 6.00 for 5 issues (Britain), 9.00 for 5 issues (rest of Europe) including P&P, from Friends, 2 Old Hall Road, Gatley, Stockport, Cheshire SK8 4BE, England. Cheques payable to "D. Friend" and state which issue you want your subscription to start from. Issue 1 consists of 32 A5 typewritten pages with various photographs, cartoons and newspaper clippings but it is likely that the format will change as the 'zine becomes more established. The content is the usual fanzine mix of reports, opinions, humorous items etc. but is probably aimed at a younger audience than the other City 'zines.

[ 4.2 ] Which City fanzines are no longer available?

The other City fanzines that have been and gone (some only lasted one edition) were:

  • Blue Print
  • Singing The Blues
  • Main Stand View
  • Cityzen (Official Supporters' Club magazine)
  • Blue Murder
  • Rodney, Rodney! (not really a City 'zine actually)
  • Wigout!
  • One for the Road


[ 5.1 ] What is the Manchester City Mailing List and how do I join it?

The Manchester City mailing-list/newsletter, Man City Info Via The Alps is run by Ashley Birch, formerly a resident in Switzerland but now living in Chapel en le Frith, Cheshire. To split the workload, however, Adam Houghton (Adam.Houghton@sheffield.ac.uk) in Sheffield handles all subscriptions. To join, send him an e-mail stating your full name and geographic location (e.g. Fred Bloggs, Manchester, England).

[ 5.2 ] Where are City on the World Wide Web?

There are pages about City and all other Premiership clubs on the official FA Premier League site, CarlingNet <URL:http://www.fa-carling.com/>. There is a news page updated every day for each club plus the facility for buying home and away kits over the net.

The Manchester City Supporters' Home Page <URL:http://www.uit.no/mancity/homepage.html> on the World Wide Web is run by Svenn Hanssen in Norway. This includes news, match reports, opinions, book and video reviews, player details and much more.

The Manchester City pages on Soccernet <URL:http://www.soccernet.com/> provide news, match reports, previews and other miscellaneous information.

Shaggy's Guide to the FA Premiership <URL:http://web.city.ac.uk/~sh393/prem.htm> has a section on Manchester City, containing much the same information as in this FAQ.

There is also a page on City within Virtual Manchester, <URL:http://www.manchester.com/sport/mancity.htm>.


A more complete list of club records can be found on the City Supporters' WWW honours page <URL:http://www.uit.no/mancity/honours.html>.

[ 6.1 ] When have City won the English League Championship?

League Champions: 1937, 1968

[ 6.2 ] When have City won the English Second Division Championship?

Second Division Champions: 1899, 1903, 1910, 1928, 1947, 1966

[ 6.3 ] When have City won the F.A. Cup?

FA Cup Winners: 1904, 1934, 1956, 1969

[ 6.4 ] When have City won the F.A. Charity Shield?

FA Charity Shield Winners: 1937, 1968, 1972

[ 6.5 ] When have City won the Football League Cup?

League Cup Winners: 1970, 1976

[ 6.6 ] What European Trophy have City won?

European Cup Winners' Cup Winners: 1970

[ 6.7 ] When have City won the F.A. Youth Cup?

FA Youth Cup Winners: 1986

[ 6.8 ] What is City's biggest League win?

Biggest League Win: 11-3, vs. Lincoln City(H), Div.2, 23rd March 1895
Biggest League Margin of Victory: 10-1, vs. Huddersfield Town(H), Div.2, 7th November 1987

[ 6.9 ] What is City's heaviest defeat?

Heaviest Defeat: 9-1, vs. Everton(A), Div.1, 3rd September 1906

[ 6.10] Who is City's record goal-scorer?

Record Goal-scorer: 178 by Eric Brook (1928-39)

[ 6.11] Who is City's record signing?

Record Signings:

  • Keith Curle, 2,500,000 from Wimbledon in August 1991.
  • Terry Phelan, 2,500,000 from Wimbledon in August 1992.

[ 6.12] Who is City's record sale?

Record Sale: Garry Flitcroft, 3,200,000 to Blackburn Rovers in March 1996.


[ 7.1 ] What has happened to the club in the last decade or so?

The history at Maine Road has been chequered throughout its past but recently the club has suffered more than most. The managers at Maine Road seem to become casualties quite easily. Since the Second World War City have 19 managers (not including caretakers) which is quite ridiculous, but in the last 10 years it's 7 managers and people wonder why City have failed to produce any success? Cohesion is needed at a club to produce success, but with this sort of managerial merry-go-round it's little wonder City have failed. The recent history at Maine Road is one of little success which hasn't helped to encourage the fans but still we turn up. City were in fact relegated twice during the '80s.

In 1983 an 86th minute goal by Radi Antic secured Luton's survival at the cost of sending City into Division two. This was quite a remarkable turn-around as City were briefly leading the First Division at Christmas.

It took two long, hard seasons before City emerged back into the big time. However, true to form, City tried to make life hard for themselves and it took a 5-1 thumping of Charlton Athletic on the final day of the season before promotion was guaranteed at the expense of Portsmouth, on goal difference.

City couldn't build on the promotion and survived for only 2 seasons before being relegated by West Ham on the final day of the season, this time though it would have taken a miracle to survive. Again City plugged away for two seasons before they finally struggled to get back into the First Division. Once again City conspired to nearly throw it all away. The final home game of the 1989 season against Bournemouth saw City leading 3-0 at half-time, where a victory would have ensured automatic promotion in second place. However, City felt they needed a challenge, allowed Bournemouth back into the game and the result was a 3-3 draw, Bournemouth's equaliser coming from a penalty in the 7th minute of injury time. Everything hinged on the final game; City needed at least a point at Bradford City to guarantee promotion at the expense of Crystal Palace. City once again made hard work of the game. Palace were banging in goals against already-relegated Birmingham City and were leading 4-0; in the meantime City had conceded a goal and trailed 1-0. With time running out it looked like City would have promotion snatched from their grasp. In the 86th minute though everything changed as Trevor Morley finally managed to score and this goal, late as it was, secured promotion.

The first season back saw City struggle to match the First division clubs and somehow City managed to scrape into 17th place only one place behind United. The highlight of that season was without doubt the 5-1 thumping of rivals Manchester United at Maine Road.

The following four seasons have provided City fans with little to cheer; the managerial upheavals have continued with Machin, Kendall, Reid and Horton all going. Kendall arrived at Maine Road when the club was struggling near the foot of the table; he replaced the sacked Machin who had achieved promotion but was apparently not sufficiently `media-friendly'. Kendall worked hard with his ex-Everton based players and succeeded in keeping City afloat.

The following season saw him build on the team and City got to a creditable 5th place. Again the following season saw City get to 5th place but just as everything started to look promising, Kendall decided he'd had enough and moved back to his 'beloved' Everton. However, on the crest of popular support Peter Reid was installed as player-manager. He continued the work started by Kendall but again failed to find real success. All City had to show was a home FA Cup 6th round exit at the hands of Spurs, which will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. The team's performances were clearly on a downhill slide and the axe fell on Reid after only 4 games and one point at the start of the 1993/94 season.

Reid was replaced by the then Oxford manager Brian Horton, which was not exactly the big name manager the fans were hoping for. However he did his job admirably under immense pressure during the boardroom battle for control of the club and the fans' initial hostility. He managed to keep City up once again, but it was a close run thing. Right up until the final week City could have been sunk but the fighting spirit shone through and City managed to survive.

After surviving the season and the take-over, Horton must have thought he'd weathered the storm when City managed to reach 6th place in early December 1994. However, City's form took a nose-dive and with only one win in the next 15 league games, City were dragged back into another relegation dogfight. Each game was labelled `make or break' for Horton, whose job was the focus of intense media speculation. For the second season running, good results at Easter meant that City avoided relegation in the last week of the season. It was too much for the board though, who decided to part company with Horton the week after the end of the season. After several weeks and a few hotly-denied rumours, Alan Ball was installed as the new man in the hot seat. How long he will last is anyone's guess.

So the recent history at Maine Road shows upheaval and a lack of success which the loyal hard-core of fans have had to endure. In fact it's 19 years since City last achieved a Cup success, a 2-1 victory over Newcastle United in the League Cup, which represents massive underachievement for a club of City's size. Hopefully, with the recent boardroom changes things will settle down and City can start on the road to full recovery.

[ 7.2 ] What happened last season?

After a strong finish to the 1993/94 season and the summer signing of Nicky Summerbee, son of City Sales Manager and former wing-wizard Mike Summerbee, there was plenty to be optimistic about for last season. However, a disjointed performance at Maine Road against Feyenoord the week before the start of the season and a 3-0 thrashing at Highbury in the first game soon lowered everybody's expectations. In typical City fashion, the team roared back with a 3-0 win over West Ham and a 4-0 drubbing of Everton in the next two games, both at Maine Road. It wasn't so much the scorelines that pleased the fans about these results against struggling opposition, it was the performances. City attacked fluently and were playing some excellent football with the two wingers, Summerbee and Beagrie, providing a seemingly endless stream of good crosses for the forwards to latch onto.

The stream of goals came to an end in the next game, another 3-0 defeat at Chelsea. A pattern was becoming evident: City were great at home and terrible away, particularly in the capital. London Blues were in for a series of disappointments as City notched up only 2 victories there, both at Q.P.R., losing on the other 8 visits including a Coca-Cola Cup 2nd Round 1st Leg tie at Barnet. City saved face in the 2nd Leg, winning the tie 4-2 on aggregate but it was a struggle. After a flu-depleted side lost 2-0 at Elland Road, there followed a series of three incident-packed games. The first was a 3-3 draw against Nottingham Forest at Maine Road where City came from behind twice and were denied victory by a bizarre last minute goal which led manager Frank Clark to admit `we got out of jail.' The next was a trip to Q.P.R. where City pulled off a 2-1 win despite playing the last 17 minutes with only 9 men after the sendings-off of Andy Dibble and Richard Edghill. Finally, there was the 5-2 win over Tottenham Hotspur at Maine Road, described by John Motson as `The best match I have seen, in an entertainment and attacking context, in the English League for many years.'

The excitement continued in the next game, the 3rd Round of the Coca-Cola Cup at Q.P.R. City were a goal down in under 15 seconds, equalised after half an hour only to concede another goal straight from the restart. Within twenty seconds of the second half starting, City had a penalty from which Keith Curle equalised again before Peter Beagrie and Steve Lomas put City into a 4-2 lead. Rangers got a late goal back but it wasn't enough. After a 1-0 defeat at Coventry the goals were flowing again, this time a 3-3 draw at Maine Road against Southampton. A few days after the game, match-rigging allegations were made about Saints' goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar; the game against City was one of the games mentioned.

The game that followed will live long in the memories of all who were there, and in the nightmares of those who are City fans. The Blues contrived to lose 5-0 to United. Live on Sky Sports. Enough said. It was 10 days before City played again but at least they came out with a victory, 1-0 at Leicester, again live on Sky Sports. There followed wins against Wimbledon and Ipswich (City's first at Portman Road in over 30 years) either side of a 1-1 draw against Premiership leaders Newcastle in the 4th Round of the Coca-Cola Cup. Things were looking good; City were 6th in the table, unbeaten at home, playing attractive, exciting football and a place in Europe looked a distinct possibility.

Then it all fell apart. Arsenal ended the unbeaten home run and West Ham exacted their revenge for their 3-0 defeat at Maine Road, winning 3-0 at Upton Park courtesy of a Tony Cottee hat-trick. City had started a run of 15 Premiership games with only one win (at home to Ipswich). There were defeats against Blackburn (1-3), Liverpool (2-0), Leicester City (0-1), Manchester United (0-3) and Chelsea (1-2) and draws against Aston Villa (City were 2 goals up), Newcastle (Andy Dibble saved a penalty), Coventry, Southampton, Leeds, Norwich and Everton.

City's Cup form probably kept Brian Horton in his job during this period. Four days before Christmas, City won their Coca-Cola Cup replay 2-0 at Newcastle, the first visiting team to leave St. James' Park with a win in 1994/95. This was the debut for City's on-loan German international midfielder, Maurizio Gaudino. He was to delight the fans with his touch, vision and overall ability and yet infuriate them with his workrate and tendency to go missing when the going got tough. The win sent City to Selhurst Park for a quarter-final against Crystal Palace; the 4-0 defeat there had everybody wondering whether the effort had been worth it. In the F.A. Cup City needed a replay to beat Notts County, victors over City 5 years previously. Cult hero Uwe Rösler grabbed 4 goals and Gaudino the other in a 5-2 replay win. The 4th Round saw a thrilling match against Aston Villa at Maine Road with Paul Walsh scoring the only goal, but Newcastle got their revenge for the Coca-Cola Cup defeat by knocking City out, 3-1 at St. James' Park in the 5th Round.

In the middle of March City were 12th in the table but in serious trouble. The Premier League was so close that only a few points separated the Blues from the relegation zone. Not only that but the final 5 games of the season involved trips to leaders Blackburn and high-flying Nottingham Forest plus home games against Liverpool and Newcastle. Twenty minutes into the home game against Sheffield Wednesday, City were playing terribly and losing 2-0. Then the season swung round once again, City started playing, three goals were scored and three points were in the bag. Relief was only temporary though as City went to Wimbledon, Crystal Palace and Spurs and lost all three games.

The fans were already resigning themselves to relegation when Liverpool arrived at Maine Road on Good Friday, having already qualified for Europe by winning the Coca-Cola Cup. They put in a very lacklustre performance and were beaten 2-1 by a committed, but hardly brilliant City side. What followed was the performance of the season. Twice coming from behind, City outplayed champions-elect Blackburn on their own ground in front of the Sky TV cameras. Garry Flitcroft had two goals disallowed and Uwe Rösler hit the bar as well as scoring the second goal.

A fifth meeting of the season with Newcastle followed, which ended in a 0-0 draw, both sides well aware of each other's capabilities. Then City were held to a 1-1 draw at fellow strugglers Aston Villa, followed by a 1-0 defeat at Nottingham Forest. It was left to Leeds United to ensure City's survival; their 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace the following Tuesday saw City mathematically safe. The last game of the season saw the opening of the upper tier of the new Kippax Street Stand to City fans for the first time, and also the first ever victory at Maine Road for Q.P.R., sweet revenge for their two defeats at home earlier in the season. It had been a real topsy-turvy season, typical City!

[ 7.3 ] What were City fans' expectations for the 1995/96 season?

Given City's notorious unpredictability and the arrival of a new manager, which may result in a totally different playing style, it's no wonder there are widely differing views amongst the fans about the coming season. These vary from the highly pessimistic (City will be fighting off relegation once more, whilst United will win the League, the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup) to the highly optimistic (Ball will revitalise and get the best out of the squad, lifting them high enough up the table to qualify for Europe). My personal view is that there will be an improvement over last season but only enough to lift us into a mid-table position. City haven't reached a major semi-final since 1981 and I don't expect this to change this season. With the return of Roy Bailey as physio, maybe we won't have as many recurring unjuries as last season? That would be nice.

[ 7.4 ] How did the season live upto these expectations?

With the exception of United's failure to capture the UEFA Cup, the pessimists were spot on! The late arrival of the new manager and some important signings resulted in the getting-to-know-the-squad phase of the pre-season being extended well into the season proper. This, combined with some very poor play, back luck and unbelieveable refereeing decisions, left City with only two points going into November. However, a string of good performances pulled City out of the drop zone, won Alan Ball the Manager of the Month prize for November and gave fans hope that the season wouldn't be a long battle against relegation after all. In typical City fashion though, the results deteriorated and City were left having to win the last game at home to Liverpool and hope that one of the Club's rivals slipped up. It wasn't to be and the Blues were relegated for the third time in 15 years.

The Cup competitions brought us no closer to Wembley than usual but at least we weren't giant-killing victims. Wycombe Wanderers looked likely victors for long periods in the Coca-Cola Cup before eventually succumbing to a four goal salvo at Maine Road. City lost by the same score at Anfield in the following round but once again the scoreline was flattering to the victors (unlike the 6-0 thrashing handed out by Liverpool a few days later in the League). In the F.A. Cup City needed replays to overcome Leicester and Coventry before going out at Old Trafford, with the help of a very dubious penalty.

Recurring injuries weren't as much of a problem as in previous seasons but there were long-term problems for Peter Beagrie and Richard Edghill. Paul Lake finally conceded defeat in his 5-year battle against a cruciate ligament problem but will be fondly remembered by all that saw him play.

An unexpected highlight of the season was the form of Georgiou Kinkladze. Arriving in England as a virtually unknown player, he was a household name by the end of the season. The best crowd-pleaser to play for City for at least two decades, with the possible exception of Trevor Francis.


This FAQ was compiled by Paul Howarth (paul@city-fan.org), with contributions from Anthony Johnson, Martin Ford (mford@fs1.li.umist.ac.uk), Svenn Hanssen (svenn@hanssen.priv.no) and Ashley Birch (mcivta@tollbar.u-net.com).

The information was obtained from various match magazines, the Complete Record book and some long memories.

Paul Howarth, paul@city-fan.org